we've been lucky enough to go on some fabulous trips lately.

we went to Boise to visit after my sister got knee surgery. graham was devastated when we left. he needs siblings and a dog.

coronado is my idea of a dream vacation. breakfast buffet, pool, amazing restaurants, and the del=heaven

pat, graham, and I also went to michigan and watched my brother's kids while him and his wife went on a cruise. we had a blast! I don't have one picture of the week because I forgot my phone in Utah. I was extremely sad. again, graham did not want to leave! he certainly loves his cousins and cool new toys to play with. tate was the best sharer of her shopping cart. seriously, his obsession with those is amazing.

thanks to my siblings who let us stay at their houses (erin + nate, wy + chels)! talk about the best hosts around with the neatest houses ever. I came home feeling inspired to make my house cuter. I needed the push. :)


Meeker home said...

You have been busy! Such fun. Thanks for coming to Boise to take care of me and the kids. Seriously don't know what I would have done without you. The picture of Matt and Graham on the beach with the Del in the background is awesome. Love you guys.

Tyler and Dru said...

he is for sure your child. lover of shopping carts? he'll be onto cash registers in no time! oh the del. pure heaven. what great husbands the matt's were on that trip!

maddie said...

what would we do without these heavenly trips?! i'm so sad you did not take ANY pictures in michigan. real lame eve. can't wait for you to go on another trip tomorrow to my home! welcome. whoop whoop!